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All of our dishes are gluten-free and are served with our signature coconut-lemongrass rice (except the soup and sides).

Beef Krapow
Origin: Thailand

Found all across Thailand, this street-food staple is made with ground beef, krapow (basil in Thai - yep, our name), garlic, chili, and gluten-free sauces. We marinate the dish in its juices before searing and serving it with a fried runny egg on top.

Allergens: Egg, Oyster (extract)

Sambal Belacan Chicken
Origin: Malaysia

With the distinctive taste and aroma of belacan (shrimp paste), this Malaysian dish is marinated in our special blend of chili, belacan, garlic, and Thai basil. It is stir-fried then seared and served with toasted ground coconut and fried shallots.

Allergens: Shrimp (paste), Oyster (extract), Sesame (oil)

Beyond Meat™ Krapow
Origin: Thailand / Montreal

Just like our signature Beef Krapow, but without the meat! Please note that this dish is not vegan.

Allergens: Egg, Oyster (extract)

Beef Rendang
Origin: Indonesia

Rendang is an Indonesian-style beef stew that is slow-cooked with shallots, lemongrass, garlic, chili, tamarind, and our special spice blend in coconut milk for over 6 hours. This rich, sweet and savory stew is served with pickled daikon and fried shallots.

Allergens: Soy

Tom Kha Gai Soup
Origin: Northern Thailand

A rich coconut soup made with chicken, galangal, lemongrass, oyster mushrooms, and chili. It's a savoury, sweet, umami delight that warms you up from the inside. Note that this dish does not come with rice.

Vegetarian Special


Tofu Nam Prik Pao

Origin: Thailand

Stir-fried oyster mushrooms with marinated shitaake, green beans, morning glory, tofu and garlic-brined tempeh tossed in a homemade Thai charred chili relish topped with fried lotus root and baby shanghai choy.

#vegan #gluten-free

Allergens: Soy (optional), egg (optional)

From May 11, 2024



Krapow is a bit of an experiment.

We were living in Southeast Asia and came back to Montreal to visit Kevin's family. While we were here, COVID hit and the world was in lockdown.


Since we were going to be here for a while, we started making the food we missed the most from Asia. We found a little space on Mont Royal Ave and thought it would be interesting to see if others liked our favourite foods as well.

"Kra pow" (กะเพรา) is both a type of basil and a type of dish from Thailand. Our goal is to share this dish with you, the way we like it, and to bring  the bold flavours we love from the streets of Bangkok, the highlands of Malaysia, the islands of Indonesia, and the hawker stalls of Singapore.

We hope you love this experiment as much as we do.

Ma kin kan and selamat makan!

About Us


We get a lot of questions so here are the most frequently asked ones.

Do you deliver?

We are currently using UberEats, Doordash, and Skip the Dishes. You should be able to find us there.

Are you really gluten-free?

We make every effort to ensure that none of our ingredients nor any of the products we use contains gluten. That means that there is little to no chance of cross-contamination with other dishes that contain gluten.

I have celiac disease. Is your food safe for me to eat?

We cannot guarantee that none of our ingredients contain trace amounts of gluten due to cross-contamination at the origin. However, we do avoid any products that have ingredients that contain gluten and any products that have listed a possible cross-contamination.

Is the Beyond Meat Krapow Vegan?

No. We use both fish sauce and oyster sauce in the Beyond Meat Krapow. The reason we don't do a vegetarian version is because there isn't an oyster sauce available that is both gluten-free and vegan.

Can you make it less spicy?

No. Our dishes are marinated and prepared with spice so we cannot make dishes less spicy. On occasion, we add sugar to a dish to neutralise some of the spice. However, this changes the taste and we don't usually recommend it. Though we can absolutely make something more spicy ;-)

Is this the entire menu?

We have intentionally created a limited menu with our signature dishes. However, we have a vegetarian (usually vegan) special which we change every few weeks. In the future, we will be adding more items to the menu.



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